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Apr 15

Replace All Men With Kittens 2014

Kittens are incapable of doing brick things, they lack in edges.

Apr 13
Apr 12

In which seven cats all discover the same slightly elevated flat thing and claim it as their own while pretending the other six cats don’t exist.


In which seven cats all discover the same slightly elevated flat thing and claim it as their own while pretending the other six cats don’t exist.

Apr 09

Aldnoah.Zero: Gen Urobuchi, Ei Aoki, Takako Shimura and Hiroyuki Sawano →

Apr 06

quote The one most distinctive train of Russia is - it’s not corruption, thievery or anger - neither it is rudeness, overconfidence or ignorance. The one most distinctive train of Russia is…

— Alexander Pyatigorsky, probably
Apr 06


Praying Mantis Rides Snail Through Borneo Jungle. (Photos by Nordin Seruyan/Barcroft Media)

Apr 06

Doctors and everything

Well, it’s sunday morning and I’m tired after this whole week, so it’ll be my ranting time.

Biological Department of MSU requires studens to go to the Summer Practice in Zvenigorod Biological Station(ZBS). However, you can’t go to the practice without medical allowance only given after completing the RPG-like quest of visiting N doctors, N>=4. Well, I do have some health problems, but…

Let’s just ignore the oculist who disregarded all of my claims about my own vision with “Did I told you that? Then how do you know? What a below-average people, from where did you even appeared?!”

After that I decided to visit chirurgist(note: it seems that in english “surgeon” refers to the person doing invasive operations, and not to the sensu lato of the word). After me trying to show some rather dangerous things on the body that bother me due to cancer risks, doctors asked something along the lines of “why you have breast”. They wrote some of my complains such as vertebrum curvature abnormalies and gygroma in small letters and then big “GENIKOMASTEA?”. I just. 

Let’s lust say that with orthopedic the thing repeated itself.

The next part of quest was “Visit endocrinologist and try to guess whether they are transphobic and if you can rely on them.”

This was incredibly weird dialogue, which ended up with me having 5 new places to visit: 2 ultrasonics, electrocardiography(yup, from endocrinologist, because when they measured my blood pressure I was really nervous and my pulse was aroung 150) and two blood tests. It did include the part where I accidentally kind of mentioned about not being a guy, and the doctor reacted “Why didn’t you tell me from the beginning?”, my answer was “You didn’t ask.”.

Do I really need to say that due to Russia being Russia the blood biochemistry analysator broke, to get hormones checked they needed copies of my passport and Obligatory Medical Insurance Certificate, and then there was a need for X-ray of lungs(anti-tuberculosis measure), and 2 ultrasonics turned into three, and that the time the comuter system prescribed to me for electrocardiography was actually dinner/lunch break time…

Urologist, after all of that, seemed to ignore all of the intense suspicions of ultrasonic specialist and endocrinologict about “some hermaphroditism(boy-girl?)” and just checked me for visible signs of contagious skin diseases, told me about how he’ll be with us on practice and how important it is to have rubber boots in forest. After that he stamped everything with “it’s all ok” stamps, including examinations he didn’t even try to conduct(Is this really a good thing?).

So, the last doctor I didn’t even visit is psychotherapist. 

I don’t even know what I should say. 

This whole thing is so ridiculous, because there are such things as blood coagulation problems(that diminished after I began taking estradiol but didn’t diappear completely), heart problems, otorinolaringological problems, etc. 

And they are obsessed over “The ‘sick person’s card’ has ‘M’ on it but there are gynoid body type and breasts????? This is wrong!!!”.(note: yes, pretty much all of the medical documents refer to people as to a priori ill. This comes from soviet paradigm of “there are no healthy people, only the ones not throughtly diagnosed!”). 

I don’t even understand what part of it is Russia being Russia, and what part is some transmisogyny and attemts to uphold the stereotypes.

Apr 06


Hearing my own voice on a recording makes me want to apologize to every single person I’ve ever talked to, like I’m really sorry.

Apr 05


okay but imagine what kind of affect cis people playing the roles of trans people has on trans people who are trying to figure out their identity. imagine all the trans girls who are seeing trans women being played by what the whole world is trying to tell them they are — cis men. that shit is so harmful.

Apr 04

Anonymous asked: fuck you my existence is evidence of transness being a choice

If you’re on anon I can’t prove your existence. 

Furethermore, cases similar to yours were not published as far as I am concerned, so even if I would have believed this, this wouldn’t have any educational value for me. 

Also, have you ever heard about a person told to “fu-k off” really going away? I didn’t. This small word combination is actually a powerful attractor of people. It’s literally an invitation for further dialogue. It’s something that you say to the people you’re interested in talking about, to people you want to talk with. To someone you love. I’m flattered.