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Jun 05
May 31

mercurialbadger said: Do you not understand that "penis and vagina are biologically different" is something akin to "arm and vagina are biologically different", which will, by your logic, imply that any woman can speak over people with amputated upper limbs? (Penis and clitoris, however, do not posess morphophysiological differences) Or are you just trying to hurt transgender and intersex women the way you've been once hurt? Because if a young trans girl reads it, she may actually believe your words.


Good. Hopefully it’ll save their life.

So you won’t deny you don’t believe in your own words

And if it’ll be too much?

I’ve have had an experience with blogs like dirt and something, and let’s say that if i wasn’t strong enough, I could have comitted suicide.

And the whole depersonaisation thing, coming from “if a male is not a girl, then what I am” is not the most pleasant in existence, especially if you’re fourteen.

Yes, it made me stronger. Yes, it made me more cautious. But this is not something you do as a good thing.

Posting triggering images will not cure a person from being triggered. 

Stabbing a person repeatedly wil not make person immune to stabs.

And if you enjoy thinking that someone is suffering, as your answer seem to imply, you need to think about your priorities.

The same way pretending to be a member of some 90-s ideology won’t help people with neither modern inventions of patriarchal system, nor with things deeply ingrained into the culture.

May 31



fucking rich white people laughing at how poverty is some diet they should try

they took marie antoinette’s head for this.  just sayin.

May 31


we all have that one friend who is probably secretly a magical girl.

May 29



#YesAllMen is trending on twitter . cry me a fucking river


It’s ironic that yesall women started out as a rephrasing of “not all men [are rapists]”

May 29



May 27


Gay men are misogynists and they are romantically and/or sexually attracted to misogynists and they often use misogyny to justify (not that they have to) their sexual/romantic orientations. It’s no surprised that gay men are among the biggest misogynists in the world.

May 26
May 20

The Weasel


The Weasel

May 17


a ‘national socialist’ is a Nazi. If someone says they’re a ‘national socialist’ they are a Nazi. They are trying not to be immediately judged for their horrific beliefs and judgements of other people, and are just hiding behind a different title. Nope, Nazis. Terrible scum nazis. 

I always thought that Nazi was exactly the short word for National Socialist.

Does it has any other meaning in English?